Announcing "The Art of Self-Preservation: Navigating Burnout in Education

Hello fellow educators,

My name is Genevra, and for over 25 years, I’ve had the honor of serving as a public educator, working in various roles from classroom teacher to instructional coach. Over those years, I’ve not only seen the evolution of education but also experienced the increasing demands and pressures that have become part and parcel of our profession.

In November of 2022, I confronted a challenge that so many educators face but seldom talk about – burnout. It was a grueling experience, a breaking point that led me to resign from my role as an instructional coach in January 2023. It was a tough decision, but it allowed me to focus on my recovery and gave me the perspective I needed.

Recognizing the widespread need for support in this area, I founded Juniper Consulting, aiming to return to what I love most: growing my skills and knowledge base about effective instruction, and sharing this passion with other educators via ready made professional development modules that allow educators to create their own professional development path.

I developed “The Art of Self-Preservation: Navigating Burnout in Education” initially as a self-exploratory project to understand my burnout and devise steps for recovery. Simultaneously, it served as a platform to practice and showcase the course creation skills via new technology tools I was honing for my consulting business.

As I delved deeper into my recovery journey, I realized that this course wasn’t just for me – it was for all educators who’ve felt the strain of the ever-increasing workload, the challenges post-Covid19, and the mental toll our profession can sometimes take.

This course is incredibly close to my heart. It’s a distillation of my experiences and learnings, exploring core beliefs about ourselves as educators and the education field, adjusting those beliefs contributing to burnout, and incorporating self-care steps and boundary setting. Importantly, I’ve also included practical advice on leveraging AI tools to manage workload, helping educators regain their time and refocus on their love for teaching.

I believe that this course can be a beacon of hope for educators who feel overwhelmed and under-supported. My mission with this course is to empower teachers, to give you the power to create your own learning paths, grow, and refine your instruction and planning.

“The Art of Self-Preservation: Navigating Burnout in Education” will be released on June 30th. I invite you to embark on this journey with me, to not only navigate burnout but also to rediscover your love for teaching and reclaim your peace.

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Here’s to a brighter future in education, nurtured by self-care, balanced by boundaries, and enhanced by innovative tools like AI.

Yours in education, Genevra

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