Welcome to our portfolio, where excellence in training solutions isn’t just our goal—it’s our specialty. With a foundation deeply rooted in education, we’ve mastered the art of instructional design and training. But don’t let our scholarly beginnings mislead you; our expertise doesn’t stop at the classroom door. Whether you’re a cozy startup or a sprawling enterprise, we’ve got the chops to craft training content that’s just right for you.

Our secret sauce? A dash of humor, a spoonful of professionalism, and a generous serving of the ADDIE and SAM models, all seasoned with Adult Learning Theory to ensure your training objectives aren’t just met—they’re exceeded. But we don’t stop there. Our digital prowess is supercharged with innovative AI tools that set us apart:

  • PlayHT: Revolutionizing voiceovers with authentic, lifelike voices that engage learners without the wait. Our courses are narrated with precision, bringing content to life in a fraction of the time.
  • Synthesia: Transforming the way we support learning objectives through AI-generated videos. This tool enables us to create visually compelling content that enhances understanding and retention.
  • ChatGPT: Not just any chatbots, but custom-designed ChatGPTs tailored to specific business needs. These AI companions can focus on specialized areas, offering learners interactive, personalized learning experiences.
  • Pictory: Streamlining the creation of high-quality video content from existing resources. Pictory allows us to quickly produce engaging, informative videos that perfectly align with our training modules, ensuring that complex concepts are broken down into digestible, enjoyable visual narratives.


And for a taste of our digital prowess, we invite you to click through the images showcasing our eLearning courses crafted with Articulate 360 finesse, now enriched with these AI advancements.

Curious about our Storyline 360 eLearning modules? Please, do more than just glance—click on the images for an immersive exploration. Welcome, and let the journey of discovery begin!

Articulate 360 elearning modules

Effective Communication for Team Success

In today’s work environment, clear and impactful communication is key. Join us to master essential communication skills that foster teamwork, drive progress, and ensure clarity within your organization. This course offers practical insights into various communication aspects, equipping you with tools to effectively converse, present, and share ideas. Elevate your professional interactions and contribute to your team's achievements.

Navigating Burnout in Education

This eLearning course, developed in Storyline 360, incorporates AI tools like Pictory, PlayHT, and Synthesia for captivating voiceovers and videos, designed to boost learner engagement. Additionally, it offers learners the flexibility to select their personalized learning paths within the module.

Women talking

An Introduction to Professional Learning Communities

In this Rise360 eLearning, we explore the concept of a Professional Learning Community (PLC), a collaborative approach in education where educators enhance their practices and student outcomes through shared learning and inquiry.

Team Leader

Leadership Essentials for New Team Leaders

Welcome to "Leadership Essentials for New Team Leaders." This training module is crafted specifically for those stepping into leadership roles for the first time and focuses on laying a solid foundation from the start. Recognizing that quizzes are not the only way to learn, we've designed this course around scenarios that demonstrate leadership best practices. Through engaging, real-world situations, you'll learn key strategies to kickstart your leadership journey effectively. Dive into these scenarios to discover how to lead with confidence and make a positive impact from day one. Let's get started on your path to becoming a strong and successful team leader.

Explore some of our Custom Chatgpts that support our elearning courses

Click on the image to visit the custom ChatGPT and ask it questions.  


Custom ChatGPT for Voyage Horizons

Discover how our Custom ChatGPT can enhance your understanding of VOYAGE Horizons Professional Learning Modules. Designed specifically for school leaders, this tool offers an interactive way to explore our innovative educational solutions. Engage with it to gain deeper insights into how we can transform your professional learning strategies.

custom chatgpt

Custom ChatGPT for Navigating Burnout in Eudcation

Welcome to our unique support space, designed specifically for educators and professionals navigating the challenges of burnout. Our custom ChatGPT is like a digital coach, here to provide encouragement, support, and actionable advice on setting boundaries, advocating for yourself, and finding balance in your work life. Whether you're feeling overwhelmed by work demands or seeking ways to communicate your needs effectively, our AI companion is equipped to guide you through a journey of reflection and self-discovery. With empathy at its core, this platform offers a safe space to explore the roots of your burnout and strategize on overcoming it, ensuring you can approach your work with renewed energy and perspective. Let's embark on this path to empowerment together, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and well-being.

The Parent's Guide to Early Literacy Custom ChatGPT

Introducing The Parent's Guide to Early Literacy ChatGPT: A transformative tool designed to enhance early literacy development by bridging the gap between school and home learning. Tailored for schools seeking to empower parents, this AI-powered assistant offers expert guidance, interactive activities, and personalized advice to support phonological and phonemic awareness. It's an ideal resource for facilitating parent workshops, assisting with homework, enhancing parent-teacher communication, and customizing learning plans. Particularly beneficial for multilingual families and those with special needs, this ChatGPT fosters a collaborative educational community, strengthening the home-school partnership and nurturing the next generation of readers and leaders.

Visual Learning Unleashed: AI-Enhanced Videos for eLearning Mastery

Leveraging AI tools like Synthesia and Pictory, creating videos for eLearning modules has never been more straightforward or effective. These advanced technologies allow us to produce engaging, educational content that captivates and educates, making complex topics accessible and enjoyable for adult learners. Our videos, whether supplementing eLearning modules or constituting complete microlearning sessions, stand as a testament to our commitment to quality and the enrichment of the learning experience. Explore the selection below to witness our innovative approach in action, or visit Juniper Consulting LLC’s YouTube channel for a more comprehensive view of our educational offerings.

Beyond eLearning: Interactive Workbooks & Job Aids for Real-World Mastery

To complement our eLearning modules, we offer meticulously designed job aids and workbooks, created using Canva to ensure seamless learning experiences. These resources serve as vital tools for learners, providing quick references and practical exercises that reinforce key concepts and skills. Crafted with the learner in mind, our job aids and workbooks are not only informative but also visually appealing, making the absorption of complex information easier and more enjoyable. They are perfect companions to our eLearning courses, enhancing understanding and retention through hands-on practice and on-the-spot guidance. Whether you’re looking to deepen your knowledge or apply new skills in real-world scenarios, these resources are tailored to support your learning journey every step of the way.

Tailored Solutions: The Process

Setting our sights on tangible outcomes


Team leaders have pinpointed a pressing concern: deadlines are consistently being missed by several team members. At the core of our training approach is a definitive, actionable objective: to decrease the incidence of missed deadlines by 20% within three months following the training. This goal is more than just a target; it serves as a guiding light for the entire development of our training program. It showcases our dedication to providing training that significantly impacts the daily operations and overall achievements of teams.

Understanding Our Learners


The foundation of impactful training lies in a deep understanding of our learners. We target team members facing time management challenges, pinpointed through an in-depth analysis of missed deadlines and workloads. Our methodology goes beyond surface-level observations, employing a mix of qualitative and quantitative approaches to unearth the root causes of these challenges:

1. Feedback Collection: Through anonymous surveys and confidential interviews, we gather insights into workload perceptions, time management habits, and potential obstacles to productivity.

2. Behavioral Patterns: Analyzing time-tracking data and project management tool usage helps us identify inefficient work patterns and task management issues that contribute to missed deadlines.

3. Work Complexity: We assess the complexity and distribution of tasks, looking for imbalances that could be hindering performance.

4. External and Internal Dynamics: By considering external pressures and examining team and organizational dynamics, we gain a comprehensive view of the factors affecting our learners’ ability to manage their time effectively.

This audience-centric approach ensures our training is precisely tailored to address the specific needs and challenges of those who will benefit most, setting the groundwork for substantial improvement and growth.

Crafting a blueprint for success by identifying Critical Steps

how to

After understanding our learners through a comprehensive needs analysis, we identify the gaps in their time management skills. To bridge these gaps, we concentrate on four critical actions, each crafted for immediate impact and application:

  • Efficient Task Prioritization: Utilize the Eisenhower Box to distinguish and prioritize tasks effectively, focusing on what’s most important.
  • Achievable Deadline Setting: Employ the SMART criteria to set realistic deadlines, fostering a culture of accountability and success.
  • Digital Tool Proficiency: Adopt digital tools to organize tasks and deadlines efficiently, streamlining workflow and boosting productivity.
  • Distraction Reduction: Apply proven strategies to reduce distractions, maximizing focus and efficiency during critical work hours.

These targeted actions are the cornerstone of our training, ensuring learners not only understand what improvements are needed but are equipped with the practical skills to make those improvements a reality.

Crafting the Action map using Miro

Miro Action Map

As we move forward in our training journey, we introduce a pivotal step: the creation of the Action Map. This concise yet powerful tool is designed to bridge the gap between knowledge and action, guiding learners through a series of targeted activities that bring the principles of time management to life.

  • Interactive Task Prioritization: Experience the clarity of sorting tasks by urgency and importance through our interactive simulations. It’s a hands-on way to learn how to conquer daily to-do lists with the Eisenhower Box technique.
  • Realistic Deadline Setting: Dive into case studies that challenge you to craft achievable deadlines. This real-world application of the SMART criteria ensures that setting deadlines becomes more than a task—it becomes a skill.
  • Digital Organizational Mastery: Step-by-step tutorials introduce you to essential project management tools, transforming you into an organizational wizard ready to streamline workflows and tasks.
  • Minimizing Distractions: Engage in discussions and develop personalized action plans to fight off productivity’s greatest enemy: distractions. It’s a collective effort to share strategies and enhance focus.

Our Action Map is the cornerstone of practical learning, ensuring that each step is not just understood but practiced, preparing learners to immediately apply these skills in their daily routines for lasting improvement.

Storyboard: building the Training Course

Storyline 360 Module



This course provides essential time management techniques like the Eisenhower Box, SMART criteria, and distraction minimization, enabling learners to boost productivity and balance. Interactive and self-guided activities encourage immediate application for lasting professional improvement.