Hello! I’m Genevra Self, the founder of Juniper Consulting LLC. Over the past decade, I’ve dedicated myself to transforming educational leadership and teaching strategies through effective Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). However, when I first envisioned VOYAGE Horizons as a ready-made professional development tool for school leaders, I faced a dilemma: where to begin?

The Spark of Inspiration: My journey took a pivotal turn in December 2022. I stumbled upon a TikTok about ChatGPT, and like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole, I found myself in the expansive world of AI. This discovery was more than serendipity; it was a gateway to a realm of possibilities that I hadn’t imagined for VOYAGE Horizons.

Embracing AI in Business: I began to explore Large Language Models like ChatGPT and Claude. These AI tools opened my eyes to new methods of building my business. They weren’t just tools; they were partners in my quest to bring a nuanced and effective PLC model to schools nationwide.

Integrating Diverse AI Technologies: My exploration didn’t stop there. I integrated other AI technologies such as PlayHT, Pictory, and Synthesia into my workflow. These tools allowed me to create engaging videos and voiceovers for the trainings I designed in Storyline 360 and PowerPoint. The result? More dynamic, interactive, and impactful educational content.

The Birth of VOYAGE Horizons Custom ChatGPT: The latest addition to my arsenal is the VOYAGE Horizons Custom ChatGPT. This AI model is tailor-made for VOYAGE Horizons, equipped to guide school leaders through the complexities of PLC implementation. It’s more than just a digital tool; it’s a virtual consultant, offering personalized advice, facilitating reflective thinking, and aiding in strategic planning.

My Vision Realized: Looking back, I realize how AI has transformed not just my business but also the landscape of professional development in education. What started as a vision for VOYAGE Horizons has evolved into a comprehensive, AI-enhanced solution for school leaders. It’s a testament to the power of innovation and the potential of AI in revolutionizing the way we approach education and leadership.

A Call to Explore: I invite you to explore VOYAGE Horizons and the world of custom ChatGPTs. Whether you’re a school leader seeking effective PLC strategies or curious about the intersection of AI and education, VOYAGE Horizons offers a gateway to a new realm of possibilities.

My journey with AI and VOYAGE Horizons is just the beginning. As we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in education, I’m excited to see how these tools will further enhance our ability to empower educators and transform learning experiences. Join me in this exciting venture as we explore the limitless potential of AI in education.