Transforming Professional Learning Community Implementation

School Leader

Professional Learning Community Implementation Struggle

At Maple Grove Elementary, Principal Michael Harris was facing a significant challenge. His school’s Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) were not functioning as intended. During PLC meetings, he observed a pattern of issues: teachers were often off-topic, discussions lacked depth, and there was a noticeable absence of structured goals. The meetings, intended to be collaborative and productive, were instead becoming a source of frustration.
Michael noticed that despite having dedicated and skilled teachers, the PLC meetings were often derailed by a lack of clear direction. Teachers seemed uncertain about the objectives of these gatherings, leading to conversations that rarely translated into actionable strategies for student improvement. Additionally, the varying levels of experience among staff members meant that newer teachers often felt overwhelmed, while seasoned educators were unsure how to contribute effectively.
Compounding these issues was Michael’s own time constraints. As a principal, his days were filled with administrative tasks, student interactions, and community engagement, leaving little time to develop and implement a comprehensive plan to address the PLC issues. He recognized the need for external resources to guide and enhance the PLC process at Maple Grove.
Determined to find a solution, Michael began researching tools and programs that could assist in revitalizing the school’s PLCs. His search led him to VOYAGE Horizons, a program specifically designed to address the challenges he was facing.
After discovering VOYAGE Horizons, Michael realized that this was not just another quick-fix professional development program. To truly revamp the PLCs at Maple Grove, he understood that he needed to lead by example. This meant that he, along with his leadership team, would have to engage in their own PLC using the VOYAGE Horizons modules. Michael recognized the power of PLCs and was prepared to invest the necessary time and effort to support his staff effectively. VOYAGE Horizons emerged as the ideal tool to assist him and his leadership team in this endeavor.

Understanding VOYAGE Horizons Professional Learning Community PD

Michael’s exploration of VOYAGE Horizons revealed a comprehensive program divided into two modules, each addressing crucial aspects of PLC implementation:

Module 1: The Source of the Issue

  • Foundation of PLCs: Provides a deep understanding of the purpose and common challenges of PLCs.
  • Interactive Learning Tools: Includes engaging presentations, videos, and a detailed workbook.
  • Goal Setting: Assists in identifying and establishing clear, achievable goals for PLCs.
  • Designed for School Leaders: Tailored to help principals and administrators uncover and tackle the root causes of ineffective PLCs.

Module 2: The Facilitator

  • Facilitator Skill Development: Offers training in the skills needed for effective PLC leadership.
  • Practical Facilitation Resources: Provides interactive slides and a toolkit to guide productive discussions.
  • Focus on Engagement: Ensures that PLC meetings are goal-oriented and inclusive.
  • Comprehensive Materials: Comes with engaging videos and scripts for customized facilitation.


Equipped with VOYAGE Horizons, Michael was ready to lead the change at Maple Grove Elementary. He recognized that the program would provide the structure and resources his leadership team needed to effectively guide their PLCs. By investing in VOYAGE Horizons, Michael was committing to a holistic approach to professional development—one that would benefit not just the leadership team but every educator at Maple Grove.

Call to Action

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