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Are you a school leader struggling with implementing school-wide Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)?  Do you find it challenging to provide targeted and effective professional development for your staff that sets them up for successful PLCs?  If so, Juniper Consulting’s VOYAGE: A PLC Journey program may be the solution you need.

Juniper Consulting’s VOYAGE: A PLC Journey program provides a structured and targeted approach to professional development for school leaders and teachers.  With its ready-made series of trainings, VOYAGE offers a clear path to implementing a school-wide Professional Learning Community (PLC) that supports K-12 educators throughout the school year.

VOYAGE: A PLC Journey offers school leaders a series of trainings to guide their staff through a continuous learning cycle of collaboration, data analysis, and implementation of effective practices.  With VOYAGE, school leaders conduct their own VOYAGE PLC to guide their staff training decisions and support continuous learning throughout the school year.

School leaders can purchase the VOYAGE program to support their PLC professional development, or they can opt for more in-depth training and support via Juniper Consulting services.  Here are three ways that using the VOYAGE ready-made trainings and consulting services can benefit school leaders and their schools:

  1.  Targeted Professional Development:  The VOYAGE program provides a structured approach to professional development that targets specific PLC goals and needs identified by school leaders.  This means that staff training is identified to the school’s unique needs, leading to more efficient and effective PLC outcomes.
  2. Improved Student Learning Outcomes: The VOYAGE process helps school leaders and teachers to collaborate, analyze data, and implement effective instructional practices, leading to improved student learning outcomes.  With VOYAGE and the Short Data Cycle, teachers can efficiently identify learning gaps via data analysis, identify root causes of learning gaps, discuss effective instructional practices, and monitor progress, ultimately leading to increased student achievement.
  3. Enhanced School Culture:  The VOYAGE program helps foster a culture of continuous learning and collaboration among school leaders, teachers, and staff.  With its structured approach to professional development and continuous learning cycles, VOYAGE promotes staff morale, teacher collaboration, and a shared sense of purpose, ultimately leading to a positive school culture.

Juniper Consulting’s VOYAGE program offers a targeted and structured approach to professional development for school leaders and teachers in order to set them up for success when implementing a school wide PLC.  With its ready-made series of trainings and consulting services, VOYAGE can help guide you on your Professional Learning Community journey.

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